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Thursday, November 23, 2006

2006 December Prayer

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)”.

Since our annual Chinese newsletter together with our calendar is on the way to your house, I will not repeat the contents of that letter here. If you wish to have our calendar with our 2007 meeting schedule, you are welcome to write or call us and we will mail it to you. Here I only write three important things:

Winter Meetings—
(1) Winter Retreat— will be held at the Kansas City Hyatt Hotel. The dates are from Dec. 21 (evening) to Dec. 25 (noon). Right now the online registration has been posted on our web site, cwcnet.org. Everybody needs to register online. The strict due date is Dec. 17, 3:00 pm. At 3:01 pm, online registration will stop. This meeting is for both the Christians and Gospel-seekers. All the programs and the messages will edify your spiritual life. If you are praying for the salvation of your friends and families, you may bring them to these meetings. The Gospel message can help them. Not only that, our short-term missionaries can counsel them too. For details, please go to our web site.. http://www.cwcnet.org/00/12_WC_FLYER.pdf
(2) Discipleship Training— will be held at Warsaw, MO (CWC) from Dec. 25 to Dec. 30. We have started to take applications already. The due date is Dec. 19 11:59 p.m. Please register early. Do not wait until the last minute. We will not take any applications in the Winter Retreat. http://www.cwcnet.org/00/12_DS_POSTER.pdf
(3) Bible Camp— Currently the students are wrapping up their reports. Please remember them in prayer. Our due date is over. If you missed this Bible Camp, you still can apply for the 2006 Dec. Discipleship Training by 3:00 p.m. Dec. 17. You can apply for the 2007 August Bible Camp when we will read Paul’s Epistles.

2007 Holy Land Trip-

Our application forms will be mailed to you in the near future. This is a big event! W wish that you will start to pray for about this and can reserve time to join us. Following is our tentative schedule:

June 18th 2007, Depart USA (Chicago)
Jun.19th Arrival Izmir meet and transfer to Kussadasi for dinner and overnight
Jun.20th Visit Ephesus, Hierapolis, and continue to Pamukkale dinner and overnight
Jun.21st Visit area, Philadelphia, Sardis and on to Bergama.
Jun.22nd Visit area and drive to Pamukkale dinner and overnight
Jun.23rd Transfer to Greek borders, visit Philippi and end in Thessaloniki
Jun.24th depart Thessaloniki for Meteora visit. dinner and overnight
Jun.25th depart for Athens, upon arrival visit Acropolis etc.. dinner and overnight
Jun.26th Ancient Corinth and then to airport for flight to Tel Aviv.
Jun.27th Full day Jerusalem area, Bethlehem. dinner and overnight
Jun.28th Visit Jericho, Qumran, Dead Sea and Massada.
Jun.29th transfer to airport for flight back home.

If there are 25 brothers and sisters, our estimated price is around $2920.00 per person. If we can get more people, then everyone will get a cheaper rate. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as you can. If we do not have enough applicants, then we will cancel this trip. For details, visit the CWC website.

My Hong Kong and Taiwan Trip--

I will go back to my home country (Hong Kong) from Nov. 28 to Dec. 8. It has been 7 years since I was there. Not only I will attend my nephew’s wedding, but I plan to visit the Midwest alumni in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. For the brothers and sisters there, when you see this letter, can you either give me a call or write me an email, so we can find a time to meet together? I look forward to seeing each one of you.

Again, thank you for your faithful financial support and prayers. May we remember one another in prayers, especially in this busy season. And may our Heavenly Father bless you, your family and your church.

Serving God together with you,
Billy Ko

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2006 Nov. Prayer letter

P.O. Box 700, Warsaw, MO 65355
660-438-7710 e-mail: cwc@cwcnet.org

Billy Ko
1706 Sun Ct, Columbia, MO 65201
573-443-6218 e-mail: bko@cwcnet.org
Please download our prayer calendar by clicking the following web address. You may set it as wallpaper on your computer or print it and post it on your door or wall. Please pray for the ministry daily.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from the Christian Witness Center in Warsaw, Missouri! May the blessing of the Lord be with you and your family!

Thanks Giving and Christian Encouragement—
While I am writing this letter, the 6 retired American couples from RVICS (Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Services) reside at the Center and help our work here. The men are helping the new extension of the dining room. The women are either painting or sewing the window curtains for our new building. RVICS is based at Smithville, Texas. Those who joined RVICS are requested to support themselves, provide their own mobile homes, and sign up 3 to 6 voluntary projects each year. Each project lasts 3 to 4 weeks. They never add any burden on the host because they use their own retirement checks or pensions. They travel around to help the churches, camps, Christian schools or mission organizations. Before they arrived, none of these six couples knew us nor had been here. When we meet each other and fellowship, the love of God is among us as though we have known each other for many years! What they did is as to our Lord Jesus Christ and is “a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God” (Philippians 4:18). God’s glory is magnified through their beautiful footprints. The Christian Witness Center is not only a blessing from the Lord. It is the Lord working through much labor and financial support from people who love the One who called them to do so. It also encourages Chinese people that we all need to have a mission mind as Jesus teaches us.

Winter Meetings—
Finally by the grace of God, all the winter meetings’ application forms are ready and being mailed out! Currently the on-line registration computer engineers (they are all voluntary workers too) are working on the last stage of testing. We pray and hope that you can start to online-register in early November. If you want to know the details of all the meetings, please go to our web and take a look or download the forms as you wish. Here I will summarize these:
(1) Winter Retreat— will be held at the Kansas City Hyatt Hotel. The dates are from Dec. 21 (evening) to Dec. 25 (noon). And the strict due date for applying is Dec. 17, 3:00 pm. Please do not miss it. This meeting is for both the Christians and Gospel-seekers. You can start to invite the nonbelievers around you to come. Also prepare your own hearts to come. In here your Christian lives will be edified through those workshops, Bible Study and revival messages, etc.
(2) Discipleship Training— will be held at Warsaw, MO (CWC) from Dec. 25 to Dec. 30. Please note the due date is Dec. 19. Please prepare earlier to register. We will not take any application in the Winter Retreat.
(3) Bible Camp— will be held from Dec. 31 to Jan 6, 2007. This year we will study the Book of Acts. The absolute due date is Nov. 15. All assigned-study topics have been mailed to the applicants. If you wish to come, please do not delay because most applicants have studied for a few months already.

Dining Room Construction
(1) The progress—through lots of voluntary workers’ help, all of the foundation, roofs, inner wall, etc. are done. Currently the workers are working on the interior part. Praise the Lord!
(2) Finance—as you may know, we suspended this construction for 4 years because we wished to raise sufficient funds (the budget is $70,000) before we started. Last month, we got a big-amount check from a not-rich retired sister. It touches our hearts because “… she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on” (Luke 21:4). God is faithful. Right now the fund is enough. Again, thank you for your prayers and love. If we have any money left, we will save this for the stage-two expansion.

Ministry Updates:
(1) Arkansas areas--Since Brother Dennis Wong joined in our team, the churches and the fellowship in Arkansas have been better cared-for. Both numbers and love to God at the Fayetteville church are growing. In the past, we only can visit Conway and Little Rock with the help of summer mission teams. Currently they are helped by Dennis Wong. Please continue praying for them.
(2) Kansas areas—The Lord blesses the Manhattan Fellowship. The Fellowship has had big growth. Lawrence Church is considering buying the new church facility. Please pray for Pastor Joel Li for wisdom. Most of the members at Pittsburg are undergraduate students. Their pure heart to the Lord is steadfast.
(3) Missouri areas—On Oct. 22, the Columbia Chinese Church had a dedication service. After two years of construction (all the people got involved not only on the money offering, but on the physical labor—painting, laying the tile, etc), all the labor has been paid off. The whole church is filled with joy. Right now we have more classrooms. God is so good. He led us in the whole journey.
(4) Iowa areas—Sister Vivian Tsen traveled among Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Iowa City, etc. Praise the Lord we can see the Lord’s blessing in those areas. Please continue praying for this land, so this Midwest land is not only a barn for the US agriculture, but is a good harvest in God’s field.

Again, thank you for your faithful financial support and prayers. As December comes, our busiest season is just around the corner. We need your fervent prayers to help all of our coworkers—each one has his own duty in the 3 meetings—in our spiritual lives and our physical lives.

Happy Thanksgiving too!

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Serving God together with you,
Billy Ko

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2006 October Prayer

P.O. Box 700, Warsaw, MO 65355
660-438-7710 e-mail: cwc@cwcnet.org

Billy Ko
1706 Sun Ct, Columbia, MO 65201
573-443-6218 e-mail: bko@cwcnet.org

Please download our prayer calendar by clicking the following web address. You may set it as wallpaper on your computer or print it out and post it on your door or wall. Please pray for us daily.

August 2006 Prayer calendar (Wallpaper): http://pastorko.blogspot.com/

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from the Christian Witness Center at Warsaw, Missouri! May the blessing of the Lord be with you and your family!

After the busy summer—from July 30 until the last mission trip ended on September 18—our lives and ministry finally can get back to normal. Here are updates to our ministry and prayer requests.

I. September Mission Team—We did not have too many short-term missionaries. Still, together with the Center’s three coworkers, our September mission circuit was the longest. We visited Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The Lord is good to us. We can see need everywhere as more students come to the Midwest. Even though this mission planting is over, please continue to pray for the growth of these churches and Bible study groups. May the Lord give those leaders wisdom and strength to take care of God’s flocks.

II. Preparation for Future Winter Meetings—People have started to ask about the application forms for this winter. So far, we have released only the Bible Camp forms. You still can plan your calendar by visiting our website frequently. Here are some known dates.
(A) The Winter Retreat will be held at the Kansas City Hyatt Hotel from the evening of December 21 to noon December 25. Our speakers will be Rev. Moses Yu, Daniel Rao (from Taiwan), Rev. and Mrs. Cheung (from Boston), Rev. Steven Kwan (from California), Pastor Eugene Chu (Youth speaker), plus 4 Midwest area speakers. Please pray for the online-registration. It is on the final stage. Once it is done, you can start to online register.
(B) Discipleship Training will be held at Warsaw, MO (the Center) from December 25 to 30. Our speakers will be Rev. Moses Yu and Rev. Daniel Rao.
(C) Bible Camp will be held from December 31 to January 6, 2007. This time we will study the Book of Acts. One of the speakers is Sister Grace Lee. The strict due date is November 15. If you have not registered yet, do it now! Most applicants began studying in early August.
(D) To match what we expect to learn from the Book of Acts in January and the Pauline Epistles in August, we are considering a study tour. The Apostles’ Missionary Journey Study Tour tentative dates are June 18-30, 2007. We will start from Jerusalem or possibly Caesarea, then visit the seven churches in the Book of Revelation and Istanbul, Athens, Corinth, Philippi, Thessalonica, etc. If you are interested, please do contact or email us! We must know if we have enough persons. Let us prepare early for a fruitful trip later.

III. Construction –The foundation of the expansion of the dining room has been laid. The major part started at the end of September. We thank the Lord that every three or four years an American organization, called RVICS (Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Services) has sent their retired volunteer couples to come to help us. This year, there will be 6 couples coming. The women will help the painting and sewing, and the men will help the construction. Please remember their God-loving hearts in your prayers. Not only ask the Lord to bless them, but pray for their safety, for joyful hearts to serve, and for our good relationship with them. They will stay here from October 16 to November 7.

IV. Coworkers Updates:
(1) Sister Cindy Chiang—she always thanks the Lord that she is single so that she can concentrate on the office works on weekdays and campus ministry on weekends. She thanks the Lord for her good health. Please pray for her ministry, especially her message-preparation each week.
(2) Pastor Joel Li—After the busy season of the meetings and the mission trip, he can more concentrate on his ministries in two sites: Lawrence, KS, and Manhattan, KS. May the Lord continue to bless his hands and his family, that they can be the blessings for those areas.
(3) Sister Vivian Tsen—she has come back from Taiwan after visiting her mother who is suffering from cancer. Her mother’s situation is stable now. This semester, Sister Tsen has more campuses to visit in Iowa, including Iowa City, Cedar Falls, Davenport, and the surrounding area. Please pray for her strength and traveling grace.
(4) Sister Ching Kuan—Currently she is visiting her relatives in China for about three weeks. Her prayer request is that more can be saved. Also remember her ministry at Columbia, MO so that the works there will not be hindered because of her absence.
(5) Brother Dennis Wong—Their family moved to Fayetteville, AR on July 1. However, just right after their settling down, there were August meetings and the Mission trips. Now, finally he can more concentrate on the ministry in Arkansas. On October 1, there will be the third anniversary for Fayetteville church. The Lord blesses them not only with increasing attendance, but also in moving the hearts of one American church so that they can use one of their church buildings. The size just fits their need! Praise the Lord!
(6) Brother Alan Stephan—when construction begins, his hands are full. In the past few weeks, he organized his church to voluntarily help with construction of the dining room. Often they worked overtime. You can’t leave cement half poured! They gave us their Saturdays. Please also remember him and his family in your prayers.
(7) Pastor Ko---When you see our prayer calendar, you can tell I traveled a lot. I especially went to those areas where our campus workers did not travel, such as Mississippi, Illinois and Texas. Please also pray for me, my health, and my family.

Again, thanks for your prayers. See you soon in the Winter Meetings! God bless you.

In Him,
Billy Ko

Thursday, September 07, 2006

2006 September Prayer

基 督 工 人 中 心
P. O. BOX 700,
WARSAW, MO 65355
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E-mail: cwc@cwcnet.org
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TEL. 573-443-6218 FAX 443-6292
E-MAIL: bko@cwcnet.org
Sept. 1, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the Lord!

We just came back from our August 18-27 Mission trip. The Lord let us experience His faithful Word recorded in Acts 8:4, and 8, “…preached the Word wherever they went.… So there was great joy in that city.” We are ready for the Sept. Mission trip so please continue praying for us.


(A) August Mission Teams— We visited campuses with three California Mission teams and one Chicago Mission team. One thing we noticed is that there are more new students this year on every campus. Through the beautiful footprints of those short-term missionaries, many souls turned to God. Nearly 20 college campuses have been visited and the gospel was preached. Pray the Lord will continue strengthening the hearts of local coworkers and the important follow-up ministries for those new believers.

(B) September Mission team—will occur Sept. 8- 17. There will be one California church mission team and five Center coworkers on this trip and we will cover the same area as in the past. We will visit farther areas such as Oxford, Starkville, Hattiesburg, Greenville, MS; Ruston in LA; Pittsburgh and Wichita in KS, and Fayetteville in AR. Please remember us each day in your prayers according to the daily route you can find from our prayer calendar at .


(A) Winter Conference—will be held Dec. 21- 25 at Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel. After our September Mission trip, we will concentrate on planning this Conference. The new on-line registration program is still being worked on and tested. Please pray for the wisdom of each volunteer programmer and their time devoted to the work. In the mean time, save the dates on your calendar and prepare to come for this spiritual festival. Please pray for the conference and all its preparations.
(B) Discipleship Training—will be held Dec. 25- 30 in the Center.
(C) Bible Camp—will be held Dec. 31- Jan. 6, 2007. We will study “The Life of Paul and Book of Acts.” The syllabus and forms are posted on the web. You can apply now and begin to study.


Lifting up each coworker in your prayers means a lot to every one of us.
(1) Billy Ko—pray for strength in a busy daily schedule, and wisdom in
serving both the Center and the Columbia Chinese Church.
(2) Cindy Chiang—for wisdom to use daily time. She will be with the Sept.
Mission Team for 10 days. And afterwards weekday office work,
and weekend ministry will need to be caught up.
(3) Joel Li—for ministries in Lawrence and Manhattan, KS churches and
fellowships. Pray the Lord gives him wisdom in decision making
and searching a location for the Lawrence church as well as
shepherding God’s flock that is under his care.
(4) Vivian Tsen—will go back to Taiwan from Sept. 4 to 18 to visit her mother
who has breast cancer. She especially requests that you pray for
her while she shares the Gospel with her family members on this
(5) Ching Kuan— In addition to serving on the Sept. Mission trip, she will be
in California on the weekend of Sept. 8 to share at the Mission
Conference to be held by one of her home churches (Chinese Church
in Christ at Mountain View). Pray that people will be revived and
have a heart for missions.
(6) Alan Stephan— On top of his busy daily maintenance work, he has already
started the foundation of the dining room expansion at Canaan Hall
since August. May the Lord bless the work of his hands and his
wife, Linda.
(7) Dennis Wong—has settled down in Fayetteville, AR. After the Sept. Mission
trip, he will spend more time in the church, and also help the
surrounding area churches, such as Little Rock. Please remember
him and his family.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you and your family.

In Him,

Billy Ko

Sunday, August 06, 2006

2006 August Prayer

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May the Peace of God be with you!

August is the second busiest season next to December/January. From our prayer calendar, you can clearly see that our ministry has two emphases in August and September. Please keep us before the Lord in prayer.


(A) August Bible Camp - July 30 to Aug. 5. This year we will study the Life of Christ. Most of the students have spent almost one semester to prepare for this camp - either by self-study or small group study and have turned in their topic papers. We pray the Lord to give them exciting hearts to study His Word and also apply it to their daily lives (Matthew 7:24). Please also remember our two speakers: Pastor Chin-Yen Cheng and Sister Grace Lee that they can be His channel of blessings to us all.

(B) Discipleship Training – Aug. 6 to Aug. 12. On quite a few campuses we visit, we hear the cry, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” But do we have the hearts to be more equipped to serve in the Lord’s harvest field? Please pray for this Camp that all the attendees will become well-equipped to serve Him in the new semester. If you have not applied and wish to, please click this Website link for more information at: http://www.cwcnet.org/00/08_DS_POSTER.pdf


(A) August Mission Teams -To respond to the harvest call, every August, we praise the Lord that short-term missionaries come from California and Chicago, IL to help our new-students’ ministry. From Aug. 18 to Aug. 27, four teams will be organized, and will visit around 20 campuses in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Indiana, etc. Please pray not only for each individual mission team member, and the accompanying CWC coworkers, but also all the local campus coworkers that we partner with. With the Lord’s help that we will carry the sheaves back with songs of joy.

(B) September Mission Team – Sept. 8 to Sept. 17. We will visit remote areas, such as Oxford, Starkville, Hattiesburg, MS, etc. and places we did not cover in the August trip, such as Wichita, KS and Fayetteville, AR, etc. Please remember the planning and recruiting by the mission churches in your prayers.


(A) Winter Conference - Dec. 21 to Dec. 25 at Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel. God has provided us quite a few speakers. Please mark down the dates on your calendar. The application forms will be available after September. http://www.cwcnet.org/00/12_WC_FLYER.pdf

(B) Discipleship Training - Dec. 25 to Dec. 30 at the Center.

(C) Bible Camp - Dec. 31 to Jan. 6. We will study “the Life of Paul and the Book of Acts.” The syllabus and the forms have been posted on the web. Please apply now. http://www.cwcnet.org/00/01_BC_APPLICATION.pdf

Thanks for your prayers. Please visit our web site, download or print our August prayer calendar and use it as your computer’s wallpaper. We need your daily prayers.

God bless you

In Him

Billy Ko

Friday, June 30, 2006

2006 July Prayer

P. O. BOX 700,
WARSAW, MO 65355
TEL. 660-438-7710 FAX 660-438-7751
E-mail: cwc@cwcnet.org
Home Page: www.cwcnet.org

TEL. 573-443-6218 FAX 443-6292
E-MAIL: bko@cwcnet.org

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from the Christian Witness Center! May the grace and love from our Lord Jesus be with you and your family.

Here is our most recent news. Please lift us up before the throne of Christ.

A. Meetings:
(1)August Bible Camp—will be held from July 30 to Aug. 5. This year we will study the Life of Christ. Please not only give thanks for the 45 people who have applied and studied hard in the last few months, but also pray that they will persevere in their faith. The due date was June 13. If you miss this camp session, you can start to apply for next January’s Bible Camp, Dec. 31- Jan. 6, 2007, where we will study the Book of Acts.
(2) August Discipleship Training—will be held from Aug. 6 to 12. One of the speakers is Rev. Cyrus Lam. He is the Director of Gospel Operation International, which has sent out quite a few missionaries into different areas. His expertise is in Mission, which we have not taught for several years. Please start to prepare your hearts and invite people to come. It will be a useful training program, especially when we will be entering into the new semester or dealing with the turnover of coworkers. We would like to emphasize again that the Discipleship Training is not for the new believers only. All the brothers and sisters who wish to grow continuously and need to be equipped are invited.
(3) Give thanks for the Youth Camp—39 youths came to the Youth Camp (June 4-10). This year the most exciting part was when they witnessed in two nearby camps. Praise the Lord!

B. Coworkers:
(1)Pastor Billy Ko— has a very busy schedule in the summer. Please remember his ministry and health in your prayers. Please also give thanks that the construction of Columbia Chinese Christian Church (where he is stationed) is nearly complete. In the past year, God provided us with enough funds, materials, and equipment (e.g. our pews, etc), so we can enjoy new classrooms, furniture and larger parking lot now.
(2) Sister Cindy Chiang—In the summer, she not only ministers in different churches and fellowships on weekends, but also wraps up the Center’s financial statement for CPA auditing and IRS filing. Please remember her and pray that her soul is as healthy as her body (III John 2).
(3) Pastor Joel Li— is back with us in Mid-May! Praise the Lord for his new, refreshing spirit, his sermons, and his good insight after his 8-month sabbatical leave. Currently Abby and the children are still in California for their final study stage. Please remember their family in your prayers.
(4) Sister Vivian Tsen— went back to Taiwan to visit her mom who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks for your prayers. Her mom is saved and was baptized. Although her health deteriorated, her spirit is good. Please remember them in your prayers.
(5) Sister Ching Kuan— has been busy with both the Senior and Mothers Ministry in Columbia Chinese Christian Church. In addition, she has assisted Pastor Ko. Many people are blessed through her.
(6) Brother Alan Stephan—he was so excited that last week he used his own vacation time to serve as a counselor in one camp near us. He led two young people in his cabin to Christ. Even though the weather is extremely hot (about 90 degrees everyday), he works very hard on the mowing and maintenance jobs. Give thanks for this faithful coworker.
(7) Brother Dennis Wong—he will join our ministry on July 1 and will station at Fayetteville, AR. Please pray for smooth moving, the new family adjustment (he has two young kids), and the new ministry there.

C. Short-Term Mission Teams
There will be two Missions trips: one in August (Aug 18-27) and one in September (Sept. 8-17). The goal for these trips is ministering to new students. Please remember those mission churches that are doing the recruiting and training. Also pray that the local churches will work with the teams to bring harvest for our Lord.

D. Dinning Room Expansion:
After many years of preparation and saving money, the Dinning Room construction will start soon. Thanks for your prayers and offerings, and please continue to pray for the project.

E. Other details:
Please check our July prayer calendar.

Thank you very much for your fervent prayers and support. May the Lord bless you more and more.

In His Service,
Billy Ko
Pastor and Director of CWC

參加者: 1. 必須為重生得救的基督徒。
2. 必須有心追求與事奉主。
3. 必須全時間在中心學習。
4. 必須按時到會,結束後才離開。5. 必須先報名,被接納後才來學習(買機票或車票前,請先詢問
聯絡人:高榮德牧師-573-443-6218 (家)
江士民姐妹-660-438-7710 (中心)
-660-438-7751 (FAX)
E-MAIL: cwc@cwcnet.org
Home Page : www.cwcnet.org


Pastor Cyrus Lam - Missionary and Pastor in Indonesia and Canada for 15 year. Ph.D on Mission from the Fuller Theological Seminary. Currently he is the Director of Gospel Operation International for Chinese Christians, and working on sending missionaries, mission training and preaching.

Sister Martha Lee - She has served the Lord for almost 40 years. While in the 30-year-serving at San Jose Chinese Church in Christ Church, she teaches Sunday School, Basic-Doctrine classes, helps many solve the gospel questions and build up many Christians’ faith. She also wrote quite a few books about the Basic Doctrines.

高榮德牧師及同工 高牧師為基督工人中心主任,與中心同工們一起服事美中各教會及查經班。
Rev. Billy Ko and Co-workers - As the Executive Director of the Christian Witness Center, he and other co-workers minister to many campuses in the Midwest.



英文姓名_______________________________ 性別______________________

配偶姓名_________________________ 英文姓名___________________________________
小孩姓名_________________________ 英文姓名_______________________________

性別__________年齡____________ 年齡________

小孩姓名_________________________ 英文姓名__________________________________

性別__________年齡____________ 年齡________

小孩姓名_________________________ 英文姓名_________________________________

性別__________年齡____________ 年齡________



我曾參加過門徒訓練、研經營或讀經營? ____________何時?___________何地?___________________

我已經預先經過中心同工同意,遲到或早退的特殊原因 (僅限工作或上課等) 是_______________________

約 章
簽名____________________________________________ 日期_______________________________

DATE: From Aug. 6 (5:30PM) to 12 (1:00PM) 2006.
PURPOSE:For spiritual growth and to equip God's disciples to minister in the Bible
study groups and Churches for His glory.
Ministry: Expanding Your Church
Bible: The Book of Romans
Mission: Mission in the Bible
Spiritual: Spiritual Growth—the Cost of Being a Disciple, Revival Messages,etc

SPEAKERS:Rev. Cyrus Lam, Sister Martha Lee, CWC Coworkers, etc.

1. Must be a born-again Christian.
2. Willing to grow spiritually and to serve the Lord.
3. Must stay at the Center full time (no part-time).
4. Must arrive on time, and not leave until after the training is over.
5. Must send in application to be accepted before coming to the Center (will
notify). If you come by bus or airplane, please check the schedule with us
before you buy the tickets.

ADDRESS:Christian Witness Center
P.O. Box 700, Warsaw, MO. 65355

CONTACT: Billy Ko: (573)443-6218
CWC/Cindy Chiang: 660)438-7710 CWC Fax: (660)438-7751
E-Mail: cwc@cwcnet.org
Home Page: www.cwcnet.org

FEE:Free-will offering

LANGUAGE:Mandarin. English and Cantonese translations are available.
DEADLINE:July 30, 2006

Please copy the following application form and paste it to your e-mail. Then send it to: cwc@cwcnet.org Thank you very much!

CHINESE NAME__________________ENGLISH NAME______________________ SEX: ( ) M ( ) F
NAME OF SPOUSE _______________ENGLISH NAME_________________________
NAME OF CHILD________________ ENGLISH NAME______________________ SEX:( ) AGE ( )
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Monday, June 12, 2006

2006 June Prayer

P. O. Box 700
Warsaw, MO 65355
E-mail: cwc@cwcnet.org
Website: www.cwcnet.org

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

We thank the Lord for the May Discipleship Training and Memorial-Day Weekend Lay Minister Training. Although this summer quite a few brothers and sisters went back to their hometowns in Asia, many people still made lots of effort to come for the training. God used Elder Wong, Rev. Chin and Bro. Ou to deliver many wonderful messages and encourage many brothers and sisters to follow Him and serve our wonderful Lord.

Youth Discipleship Training will be held from June 4 -10. The purpose of this Youth Camp is to develop young Christians to grow in the Lord and prepare themselves to follow and serve God in their whole lives. Beside learning to be disciples of Christ, this year they will have the opportunity to witness to some young campers in two other camps in our areas. Please pray for our speakers, the counselors and other voluntary helpers. For more information, please click this website link at: http://www.cwcnet.org/00/06_YC_POSTER.pdf

The August Bible Camp will be held from July 30 to August 5, 2006. We will study The Life of Christ. The speakers are Pastor Chin-Yen Cheng and Sister Grace Lee. Quite a few brothers and sisters have turned in their applications from January, organized their own local study group and are pretty well prepared for the assignment. The Bible Camp’s purpose is to develop a Bible-reading life in their daily lives. The strict due date is June 13. If you wish to apply but have not, please use this website link for more information: http://cwcbiblecamp.blogspot.com/

August Discipleship Training is from August 6 to August 12 . This is the best opportunity to prepare students to serve God for the new school year. Pray that many will come and learn the Word of God. Please also visit the Center’s web for more information:http:www.cwcnet.org

The ministry of CWC is great, but the laborers are few. Without your support in prayers and finances, we cannot carry out the Lord’s work in Mid-America. We need you to team up with us to expand the kingdom of God. We ask you to be our support team daily through prayer. Please click this website link for prayer information at: www.cwcnet.org

Please also pray for the Mission Teams that will come in the later part of August and the early part of September. Please pray for them as they are preparing for their mission works in the Mid-America campuses.

Brother Dennis Wong will join CWC and serve in Arkansas area from July 1. They will move to Arkansas this month. Please pray for them. Please pray for the health of Vivian’s mother. She is planning to return home and visit her parents this month. Pastor Joel Li just finished his sabbatical leave and has resumed his ministry in Kansas areas. Please pray for him. Sister Chiang is busy both at the office and the campus. Please remember her labor in your prayers too. Sister Kuan is assisting Pastor Ko and serving at Columbia, MO. May the Lord give her wisdom to take care of the flocks there. Columbia Chinese Church has received their user permit (for the New add-on building). Thank God that Pastor Ko may catch up in the works which were left behind in the past few months.

God bless you!

In Him
Billy Ko